Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development


We have worked with many clients from the retail sector to financial services. While most sectors have some common elements, i.e. fostering a better relationship with the client base, each industry has its requirements. Over many years of experience, we have established a brand that tailors software for our customers’ individual needs. We do this to delight your stakeholders. At Xagrose, we work in a lean and agile method; this helps us produce the most desirable solutions. If you’re thinking about a mobile application for your business, let us work with you in that process.

Know your business environment

 A key part of mobile application development is knowing your target audiences — the demographics and interests of your target user group. From the management consultancy point of view, at Xagrose, we can test your ideas and assess the viability of your App’s concept. This step is to understand your business rivalry context and how your idea can bring a competitive edge to your business.

Goal Settings

Once we are both on the same page in terms of your business strategy and we review your business idea in the similar industry sector and our insight from the performance of similar applications. The goal setting is to give you a view on how unique your idea is and what did work and what didn’t work. Throughout this process, our team will work with you to layout a framework to achieve your ambitions going forward. 

Laying Down The Architecture

 After identifying the target audience and the message conveying through your App, it’s the time to design it. At this stage, we know what is the MVP for your App, we bring in the design sketch to the layout of the functionality of your App. We also have your competitors in mind, so we make sure your App is differentiated from the rest of the crowd by using the latest technology which of course is fit for the purpose

Building Blocks on Your Future Growth


A nice and user-friendly App would require scalable and a robust system as its backbone. While we work hard with you to make sure your App is in the right shape and has the right taste for your users, behind the scenes we layout a foundation to give you an agile and reliable backbone to support your growth. Whether it’s a CRM or Payment Integration, we will do it and integrate it with your nicely designed App. 

Estimating Cost of Mobile App Development

Now it’s the moment of reality! We want to be part of your dream work, so we make sure our price is matching your best price! We will give a price which is difficult to resist. Our goal is to enable the Small businesses, as we are in the same league!



Beta Testing and Releasing Your App


After all the hard work, we come up with small deliverables. We do it to make you feel involved, to make sure you are touching the delivery of your beloved App. We believe in Agile methodologies, so we do our best to give you first-hand experience of using your app, testing it and giving us your feed-back. We continue this process until you get a desired App!

Post Go Live and Support

Now that your App is released, you will feel excited to grow your business and make it heard in the market. We are aware this is not possible without a reliable technical support and we will work with you to educate your resources to support your App services or we will do it on your behalf. Whatever works the best for you.

CONTINUOUS Delivery and Improvement


We have worked with many clients, and in most cases after a successful release of their App, there is a big desire to test new ideas. In most cases, after testing the App in the market, the feedback leads to new ideas and improvements.  We make sure we grow with you as you grow and that’s our motto!