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Based in London, UK, Xagrose LTD is a technology-enabled and driven firm that focuses on producing customer- tailored and innovative solutions to help them enhance their business operation, increase performance and improve service delivery to customers. At Xagrose, we also specialise in offering excellent Digital transformation services that revolve around the needs of our customers, with emphasis on SOA, Integration, Big Data and Business Intelligence. Our exemplary track record, versatility and reputation exists come on the back of working for several high-profile clients in Public Sector, Retail, Financial Services, Hospitality, Media  and Manufacturing sectors.


Xagrose is extensively versed in a broad range of Open Source technologies including but not limited to Alfresco, Jobs Fuse, Apache Hadoop, MongoDB and MuleSoft platform. Our foremost priority remains to enable businesses (both small and medium scale) to stay ahead in the very competitive business environment. Our drive for technology-driven solution sets us apart from other companies, further ensuring that we can partner with thriving start-ups and businesses to deliver cutting-edge technology for real-time bidding platforms and financial news aggregators by blending and artfully combining the benefits of Machine Learning, Big Data and Integration Technologies – in a bid to kick-start their digital transformation process.

We are firm believers in having a healthy and mutual relationship with all of our customers, firmly built on integrity, trust and respect. We understand that to fulfil the needs of our clients we need to tailor our services appropriately to suit their needs. Therefore, we have carefully divided our service delivery into two categories namely; delivery and training services department.

At our delivery service department, Xagrose aims to carefully partner with clients from the onset of the project where we help clients draft RFP and other related documents, through the inception stage and to the final delivery stage. Our ultimate aim is to oversee the whole service delivery process of your digital transformation.

We’ve built a team of highly trained and experienced experts in areas such as Machine Learning, Big Data and Integration. Also, our team of experts are highly skilled in several programming languages such as Python, Java and Scala – all of which can be integrated into our training for better service delivery. Additionally, based in the UK and US, all our consultants are renowned professors and contractors, that focus on delivering customer-oriented training sessions aimed at providing precise and bespoke training services focused on the needs of the customer.

At Xagrose, we understand input and regular delivery consultation is key at inception phase of a major digital project to ensure that you are ready to carry on with your project.  And we also acknowledge the fact that the cost of this service can be a huge problem for smaller firms. However, by using our training and consultation services, smaller firms or firms on a limited budget can enjoy the assurance and guidance of an expert that will collaborate closely with them throughout the project, from the start to finish.

Our team of professionals have experience i


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Years later Xagrose became a well-known and respected company with a staff of professionals. The company expanded their directions of services offered and now have a wide range of researches, analysis, producing new ideas, and resolving different business issues.

During their work Xagrose has helped dozens of firms, companies, shops and private entrepreneurs to orientate themselves in a complicated business world.

We are specialised in multi-platform integration technologies including JBoss Fuse, MuleSoft, Dell Boomi and Spring Boot.

We can help you to discover meaningful trends in your data by setting up data lakes within your organisation. 

As an agile advocate, we understand the necessity of DevOps in your operation. Additionally, we have full blend experience in on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployment models.

Through KPI Insights, we offer a unique realtime monitoring and reporting solution which is currently used in healthcare.

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