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Insights - Project success list

Overtime, we have developed a framework of delivering successful projects. Through this document, John has explained about this framework.

What factors contribute in the success of Data Management?

John has shared his insights about about Data Management and the factors in implementing a successful data management with an organisation.

Data Management Flyer 01

Why Us?

The three pillars of practice are practicality, professionalism and value for the money. 

Why Us?

An Insight of Media Industry?

Within this article, John has produced a detailed insight of integration trends within the Media Industry.

Media Industry Insights


Since we launched the PMO Managed Services, we have received a great deal of interest, so we decided to prepare an FAQ for your questions.


PMO Managed services

As part of our transformative strategy we have prepared a guideline for our PMO managed services. 

Xagrose PMO Managed Services Packages