The Digital Transformation trend has changed the way businesses look into their operations and services. Throughout the past decade, those businesses who could turn around the data and identify the opportunities could stay ahead in the competition. However, this agility doesn’t come by itself and it requires proper planning and strategy to allow different services interact with each other seamlessly. To address this challenge the principles of Service Oriented Architecture has to evolve into a new generation of Enterprise Service Bus products such a JBoss Fuse ESB, MuleSoft ESB and Talend.

At Xagrose, the integration is our bread and butter. We are proud to be the delivery partner in some ambitious projects such as Bank of Ireland, Home Office, Unilever to name a few. We understand the integration challenges, so we are equipped with the right artillery to enable your business.

Our engagement could be in any of the following levels:

  • Inception Phase: we can work with internal business units and your architects to
    define the project scope including the High-Level design of integration
    requirements and get it signed off by your design authority team.
  • Foundation Phase: after finalising the High-Level plan, we can help you to work out the
    Low-Level Design and align it with the development team.
  • Delivery & Hand-over Phase: through this phase, we work with your delivery team
    and development team to make sure project delivery is done up to the
    specifications defined in HLD and LDD. Our consultants are hands-on and
    they will help and lead your project delivery.
  • Support Phase: this is the happy phase, the project is delivered but the business
    continuity is the most crucial aspect of the business

We are a technology agnostic company and a true believer in Open Source technologies. More
importantly, we have the first-hand experience of delivering Micro Services for various organisations using Amazon AWS, CloudHub, RedShift and Spring-boot in different shapes and forms including Hybrid and On-Premises models.