On-Demand Services


On Demand Professional Services

There comes a time when resources are no doubt stretched, there may be a capability gap, perhaps a need to turn around work quickly, research may be required on a particular technology or platform,  a project needs planning, resources allocated, communications created,, budget reconciled, or even a business case needs developing; we all feel pressure at some time.


When you have a small gap that needs to be filled where there’s little appetite for a 3 month engagement. The Xagrose team can relieve some of that pressure by offering world class bite-sized Professional Services on a day-by-day basis, when it’s complete, our engagement is complete. No onerous notice periods, no mis-match of personnel, access to subject matter experts, available with one phone call.


The Xagrose team has many years delivering complex projects and running PMO’s large and small, across a range of industries. We have a deep vein of technical expertise, and the team has led large business transformation projects and programmes, across Banking, Government, Education , Insurance, Finance and Media, to name but a few sectors.


  • Build your Business Case
  • Develop an Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Review a Proposal
  • Mobilise your Project
  • Provide a PM cover
  • Recover your Project
  • Co-ordinate, categorise and prioritise your Project or Portfolios
  • Develop you Communication Plan
  • Develop a system of comparison score-cards

Technical Services

  • Advise on Integration Technologies including microservices strategies and ESB Platforms which best suits your business
  • Design an Integration Blueprint bringing legacy and cloud-based solutions together
  • Develop Integration API’s across
    • Mulesoft ,
    • JBoss Fuse
    • SpringBoot
    • Dell Boomi
  • Strategic Integration Partner for your MuleSoft implementation and deployment
  • Devise and enhance the security of your Integration implementation based on PCI and EHR
  • Provide guidance on Content Systems. E-commerce, Sales systems
  • Advise on Pivotal Cloud Foundary adoption and deployment across you business
  • EDI advice and guidance

Cloud Services and DevOps

  • On-premise to the Cloud Discovery to best suit your needs
  • Azure/AWS Capacity Planning to ensure scalability
  • Azure/AWS Migration smoothly, removing on-premise services
  • DevOps Support and Training to optimise your support operation
  • Security review and hardening, ensuring a safe environment
  • G-Suite Migration, reducing internal licensing costs


  • Deliver cut-over processes, when your ready to go-live
  • Delivery of training programmes to ensure optimal take-up on new systems
  • Provide Go-Live Blue Prints & Bring your new systems into BAU
  • Develop BCP that are effective and simple to follow
  • Develop and Design Remote Working strategies including WFH protocols and services, ensuring the well-being of staff

Xagrose, helps you build on top of our experience, and provides you with on-demand expertise to deliver value for money services effectively and efficiently.


The Xagrose team thrives on collaboration, builds on extensive experience across a range of industries, providing you with the confidence that we can deliver the service requested at a price that can’t be beaten.

Why not contact us today, and set up a call for access to our expert team, to see how we can help.