PMO Health Check


PMO Health Check


Having your PMO firing on all cylinders increases and enhances the success of your projects. The majority of PMO operations do deliver successfully, but just like us they can benefit from a routine health-check.


For any critical business function, it makes sense to carry out regular health-checks, ensuring that the function is and remains in good working order. Over time key processes within a function can degrade, short-cuts are taken , steps within processes are dropped, and a tacit new standard emerges. The PMO is no different, and an independent body performing an impartial health-check, allows you the confidence to know that your PMO is performing at its best.


The Xagrose team has many years delivering complex projects and running PMO’s large and small, across a range of industries. The team has also led large business transformation projects and programmes, across Banking, Government, Education , Insurance, Finance and Media, to name but a few sectors.  

The health-check provides a complete 360 degree view of your PMO, looking at a number of attributes, processes and procedures.

  • How does the PMO engage with the business?
  • What communications models are being used?
  • How is project governance managed, controlled and mentored?
  • What artefacts are required by the current PMO processes?
  • How are issues and risks managed and reported within projects and across the portfolio?
  • How are projects clustered and categorised across the business?
  • Which projects and PM’s have a record of success?
  • How well are projects mobilised?
  • How strong are the business cases across projects?
  • How are lessons learnt dealt with?
  • How well are resources utilised across projects?
  • Which tools are used across the PMO, and how collaborative are they?
  • How are new projects onboarded?

Using the above inputs, and working with your PMO team and PM’s, we provide a PMO assessment rating using our capability maturity model (CMM) alongside a set of recommendations and actions providing your PMO with the steps required to get it back to optimal health, a route forward to create efficiency and transparency across each and all of your projects, ultimately reducing your costs.


The Xagrose team thrives on collaboration, builds on extensive experience across a range of industries, providing you with the confidence that the recommendations are the result of in-depth and pragmatic knowledge.

Whether you are a Prince 2, Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, Kanban, PMBok, Lean or a blended organisation, Xagrose is confident that we can make a big difference to your PMO service, effectively and rapidly, with jargon free pragmatic guidance.

Our Health Check is a 3-day fixed price engagement, so why not contact us today, and set up a call for your PMO Health Check.

Why not contact us today, and set up a call with our expert team, to see how we can help?


Why not contact us today?