Setup Remote Working Facilities

Remote Working

Getting your organisation ready for Remote Working

Global turmoil such as Cronavirous outbreak mandated businesses to take extra steps for business continuity and safeguarding their staffs from disasters such as COVID-19. But are you prepared for remote working? Remote working requires a set of preparation for allowing businesses to work remotely. In below we provide a guideline, so can go through the check list. At Xagrose we do a great deal of work remotely, in spite of the general perception, the remote working can be very cost-effective and efficient. Stepping into this new work habit is easy once you have done the planning and have a good touch on right tools. 

The team I work with at Xagrose handles big projects, and as part of my role, I keep the communication on track with the key stakeholders of the projects. This includes managing the risks, resource planning, day-to-day decision to run those project afloat. 

A key success factor for any project is the collaboration across all verticals of the project. The point is that all team members should be able to raise issues and resolve them in an agile way with internal team and clients. On the other hand, the customer data is crucial, and most organisations have restricted security compliance checks to allow third parties to access their internal systems. 


Project Coordination for remote working

Running a successful project requires collaboration with the team members to keep everyone on track and motivated. We work with disparate teams located in different part of the world, so we are used to this. The very first step for empowering your team is bringing in a Task management tool, we use Trello internally and it’s a great tool.  Another useful tool would be Jira which is a commercial tool suitable for the larger organisations. 

Collaboration is a key success factor for projects specially when it involves remote teams. I am sure you heard of Zoom video conferencing used extensively by organisations to meet virtually. GotoMeeting is another example of video conferencing apps. 


Performance Tracking and Motivating team members

Working remotely reflects differently on staffs. Some might feel bored or demotivated. How would you address it? Communication is the key to keep teams motivated. Try to reflect in normal day-to-day work, you meet your colleagues and discuss your work with each other. One method would be having short meetups like calls or video conferences to check your team members, ask them about blockers issues, and how it can be done better. 

A fundamental principle in setting up remote working practices is trusting your team members. As for the software development businesses the work is usually broken down into smaller tasks which can be easily tracked and measured. At Xagrose, we can quickly review your processes and help you with the right set of KPIs to measure and track the progress of your projects. Let’s connect and discuss it over a simple phone conversation with our experts. 

Secure connectivity

When it comes to security we all stand clear, it has to be met rigorously otherwise there will be a smoking gun. We can set up a secure VPN for your organisation allowing a subset of good traffic reaching to your highly sensitive data. If you use VPN connections with other security measures you will reduce the chances of data compromise significantly.