Phillip Olukoga

DevOps Lead and Cloud Solution Architect


Phillip is an accomplished and high achieving DevOps Lead Practitioner with several years of experience in delivering application workloads consistently in a multi-cloud operating model.

Architecting, automating, and building cloud solutions across multiple cloud platforms, mainly AWS and Azure. Apart from working in a lean and agile environment, Phillip is an expert in promoting and cultivating a DevOps culture within the client organizations such as the UK Public sector, Investment banks, Insurance to mention a few.
Phillip’s all-rounded experience of being a DevOps Lead Practitioner, Containerising Microservices, API driven orchestration solutions, building CI/CD pipelines, promoting an automate everything culture, coaching, and mentoring is what drives him to become a very strong technical leader which resonates with his goal of being an industry-leading Cloud Solutions Architect.

Digital Transformation Strategic Approach:

    • Cloud Adoption Framework
    • Development process optimisation
    • Modern standards approach
    • Programming and build (software engineering)
    • Service support
    • Systems design
    • User focus
    • Availability and capacity management
    • Information security
    • Prototyping