API Led integration in Retail sector

Unilever is a multinational conglomerate with revenue of more than £50 billion. During this engagement with Unilever, Pooyan has worked on multiple projects mainly focused on the integration of Salesforce CRM system with other systems across various domains such as Product Relationship Management, Billing and Payment, Fulfillment. e-CRM, and e-commerce platforms i.e. Demandware. As his main responsibility, Pooyan has led and worked closely with on and offshore teams to formulate the integration architecture for six major projects. All of the design solutions had to be presented to the Unilever’s Design Authority committee, signed off and delivered successfully on time and on budget.


Xagrose was subcontracted through Capgemini to design and deliver integration strategies and functionality for Unilever. The main focus of Pooyan as the technical architect was to enable Unilever achieving its goal to seamlessly communicate with its consumers globally i.e. B2C. Unilever with a consumer base of more than one billion users has provided Pooyan with a unique experience in the retail sector. The project stake was high, and Pooyan managed to roll out multiple successful projects across different markets including Europe, North America, Latin America and South East Asia. In order to fulfil this mandate, Pooyan has worked closely with various stakeholders including Salesforce architects, Solution Architects, Product Owners and Programme Directors and translate their requirements to the development team and lead the delivery aspect of work.

Summary of Projects and Achievements

  • Integration of e-marketing system i.e. TeraData/eCircle with the downstream Data Analytics system,
  • Salesforce Integration with e-commerce platform (Demandware) and e-marketing system (SmartFocus),
  • Integration of Salesforce with various third party systems as part of the North America role out including Citi Banks, Sapient, Epsilon eCRM, Social media channels i.e. Facebook and Twitter,
  • Integration of Salesforce with delivery and fulfilment system (Dinamica – Microsiga Brazil) as part of the Latin America role out,
  • Designing and delivering an integration between the Salesforce and Social Behaviour Analytics systems,
  • Designing and implementing Unilever’s Consumer API,
  • a member of the Digital Excellence Hub devised a set of roadmaps and digital transformation strategies for the Unilever.
  • Producing the High Level and Low-Level design documents and the RAML specification for various APIs,
  • Data model analysis across multiple systems,
  • Developed several Mule ESB components for various integration projects,
  • Defined the integration models for the business using Micro Services and CloudHub’s Anypoint platform,
  • Integrated a Big Data platform (HortonWorks) and created a custom Casandra Connector as an enabler for other developers,
  • Designed cloud-friendly integration strategies using Amazon AWS and ensuring compliance with Private Personal Information (PII) principles e.g. secure at rest and on-transit.

Project details

  • Location: Kingston upon Thames, London
  • Technology: Java, MuleSoft, CloudHub
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